Award: Best Online Bookmaker 2021

The Awards are here to help you find the best one, when it comes to online bookmakers.

And what's better, they have been voted by other sports gamblers like you. Along with being certified by our expert opinion, the awards are people-to-people!

So does that mean you can join it?

Absolutely! Are there any bookies you are completely crazy about? Then tell your fellow sports speculators by voting for our Awards today! From the best customer service to the tastiest bonuses, we round out the awards for a whole host of sportsbook categories.

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How do we award operators?

StudioSport awards are presented using a combination of our expertise as professional and keen on their experiences, every day sports speculators. We provide unbiased and transparent professional reviews and ratings that present general facts and information in a concise manner. Additionally, we want to form our own opinion heard by every bookmaker, which is why we invite you to give us your reviews and ratings about the bookmakers featured on our site.

Finally, we will use a combination of our site's algorithm and our own award committee to evaluate each review we receive. And finally, the best overall site for each category will receive a award. so what are you waiting for? Submit your bookmaker's reviews to help us and your fellow gamblers find the very best online bookmaker in India today.

In what other categories are operators awarded? awards are distributed by both us and you in the following categories:

Best online bookmaker

First and foremost, starts with the most common and most prestigious of bookmaker prizes - the best online bookmaker. It takes the bookmaker that has the best overall balance of the other categories below. Essentially, the best sportsbooks that win prizes should have a little bit of everything, including a top-quality bonus, competitive odds, an easy to use website, and a huge range of games.

Additionally, the best online bookmaker should work to serve various gamblers. As mentioned above, our awards are voted on by you, which means that we seek the opinion of gamblers of all shapes and sizes. From complete beginners to experienced punters and high rollers - in this category, we are looking for a sportsbook that can serve us all!

Best online bookmaker bonus

It does not matter if you are completely new to online sports betting, simply changing providers or having an experienced penalty with multiple accounts on the go - we all love a bonus. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, from free bets to free bonuses and cashback offers. One thing that unites most online bookmaker bonuses is that it is usually the welcome bonus that provides the most value. It is easy for us to test the bonus itself and rate it based on its monetary value, terms and conditions and freedom of use. In the end, though, perhaps the most, when compared to other categories, to provide the best bonus requires your feedback and experience above all else.

Best online bookmaker customer service

Probably not the first thing you think, but when you need them most, they certainly become more important than the actual bookie himself. No matter what level of experience you are experiencing, you need a customer service team at some point during your sports betting journey, and you want an accessible customer service team that can help you quickly and efficiently Could.

If you are fairly new to online sports betting, you want a customer service team that is available before you create your account so that they can help you get started. If you are an experienced high roller, you will be looking for a customer service team that provides more dedicated, extra-specialized help to its VIP members. What we are looking for when distributing an award in this section is an online bookmaker customer service team that ticks all the boxes on the board.

As important as the quality of customer service, there are available channels and availability. For a customer service team also to be considered for a award, they must be on hand 24/7 through at least one channel. On top, as gamblers, we are generally looking for a bookie with at least 3 basic customer service channels; Live chat, email and phone line.

Best Mobile Bookmaker

An award that carries a lot of importance and prestige among you guys as a gambler these days, the best mobile bookmaker. Without any accurate statistics, it is reasonable to assume that the majority of what you are reading will bet at least a few games on your mobile phone.

This is why these days every online bookmaker worth their salt should offer a mobile optimized version of their site as well as a tailor made sports betting app. What we are looking for here is a mobile betting app and site that matches the capabilities and ease of use that you will find on their desktop website. From casual cricket punters to experienced horse racing aficionados, we all love to wager on the move.

Best live streaming and in-play betting

Our award for best live stream and in-play betting service comes from Mobile Betting, a clean follow-up. As cashouts and early payout bonuses are available, betting has become commonplace in mid-game viewing. As a result, there is more customer expectation than ever for a quality live streaming service for the online bookmaker - and the bar is set much higher these days.

More experienced punters among you will find that some of the top online bookies now have streaming services that are empowered to feature some of the world's top sports leagues, including the Indian Premier League in cricket and the Champions League in football.

It's not just the rights to the game and the quality of the streaming service we're seeing here - the award is about live betting, so we need a well-rounded package overall. This means that in-play betting markets need to be plentiful, it is competitive and the cash-out offer is reasonable. Tell us your experience so fellow punters of all levels can enjoy it very well!

Best horse racing bookmaker

We use this example as a horse race, which many consider to be a hardcore betting game. However, we exclude the prizes for bookies with the best offerings for all top betting sports. Horse racing is probably a sports betting that is popular with more experienced gamblers, but, for example, bookmakers of all levels in India are known to be the best bookies for cricket betting. So no matter what your favorite sport is (or how long you have been betting on it), let's know what in your experience is the best bet for that sport, so we're going to call it our Special Sports Awards Can think and pass words like a brainwashed gambler!

Best payment processing

It does not matter if you are an old hand betting on tracks since the n 60s or a casual sports fan who wants to make things interesting for the first time. One thing that unites all of us is that we want to get our victory as soon as possible. At the other end of the transaction, we want to get our money into our accounts as quickly as possible so that we can place our bets. If there is one thing for gamblers of all ages, interests and experience, then it is the efficiency of payment processing. There are many complications like this when it comes to review and rating sites to cancel this award. However, it boils down to us quickly and easily paying any fees without deposits and withdrawals.

Best VIP Program

You may be forgiven for thinking that this award is only for the benefit of more experienced professionals when it comes to online sports betting - but you won't be wrong. A good VIP program works in tiers, which means that you get rewards and extra service depending on how much and how often you bet. While more frequent, high-money speculators can rightly expect more rewards, a good VIP program should offer rewards and treatment to all its customers that are appropriate for their level. That’s why we take into account all of your VIP program experiences to cater to a wide range of gamblers and providers of upward mobility to deliver this award to online bookmakers. There is a lot of scope for

Best Newcomer

As the digital age is moving into its thirties and most of the gambling has gone online, more and more new bookies are popping up almost daily. With offers out there, it can be difficult to unravel them between the good, the bad and the down-right ugly. So we need your help to find new kids on the block so that we can bring them to the forefront with our annual award for the newest newcomer. This is all fair and well betting with the established giants of the gambling world, but a lot of us are looking for the excitement of being at the grassroots with quality new bookies. It is always good to do something new!

Award FAQ

Is my vote openly available?

It can be, but only if you wanted it. When submitting your online bookmaker review and casting your vote, we give you the option to make your review public to other users, or to hide it for your eyes only. Naturally, the more open reviews we have for you and your fellow gamblers to read the better, however, we also respect your privacy which is why we give you the option. Your fellow gamblers gain more insight by making their vote public, because they can find out why you think something is the best, rather than being a drop in a large ocean of your vote figures. At the end of the day though, we leave the decision up to you.

Can I vote multiple times?

Unfortunately, you cannot cast more than one vote - but there is a good reason for this. Allowing users to vote more than one vote would prevent each user from giving a fair representation of what they think overall. If you think of it in the context of a general election, it would be utter chaos if everyone could go and vote for their candidate multiple times - and this is no different with the Awards. Some of you may ban it, but for your benefit and ours, we cannot make fair and honest awards without restricting everyone to one vote per class.

Can I vote in multiple categories?

Yes of course! When we said above that you are restricted to one vote, we should clarify that it is one vote per class. Allowing you to vote in multiple categories does not compromise the fairness and validity of our awards, in fact, it helps them. Therefore, you are not only allowed to cast your vote in several Best Online Bookmaker Awards - you are actively encouraged. So if you have experience with a top-quality mobile sportsbook, but have found another one to get better customer service, please, do not hesitate to let us and your fellow punters know!

Are the awards based on votes only?

Not quite, but rest assured that your votes are the most important part. The prizes are, for the most part, distributed based on your votes - and essentially, the online bookmaker with the most votes in the chosen category will eventually be crowned the winner. However, there is a process that we go through behind the curtain. As we mentioned above, the reviews and votes you receive are evaluated by the Awards Committee here at, followed by the site's algorithm. The overall highest-rated sportsbook is the one that is presented with the award at the end.

Can I vote again next year?

Yes, once the calendar year has ended and the award process for each category has resumed, you are free to cast your vote once again! And can you vote for the same operator for two consecutive years? Sure, if you believe that the online sportsbook you've chosen for the last year is still at the top of their game in the chosen category, then vote for them again. Whether you missed the award last time or they think they deserve to retain their crown, there is no reason for them not to vote for the second time when the time comes.


So there you have it, the absolute inferiority at the Online Bookmaker Awards and how you can vote for them. Now all that is left for you is to vote and vote so that you can help us and your fellow gamblers find the best quality operators out there in the world of online sports betting. However, before doing so, we will leave you with three main reasons, because your participation is important. First, each person gets only one vote to keep the award fair. Secondly, our option to display open votes and reviews allows for greater transparency. Finally, and most importantly, having our prizes voted on by fellow gamblers means that the results are more reflective of you, no matter your level of experience.

Best Online Bookmaker 2021 FAQ

🏅 Which bookmaker has the best odds?

Odds are what adds value to our sports best, therefore making them one of the most important factors when choosing online bookmakers to place bets. These days, the best sportsbooks work tirelessly to bring out your fair and competitive odds. But does the sportsbook provide the best odds? Instead of taking our word for it, check out our Sportsbook Awards, which are voted on by betters and fans.

है What is the best sportsbook in India?

Simply put, there is so much in the market at the moment that it can be difficult for us to pin down the ultimate best, even as experts. That is why we asked you questions to crown you the ultimate best online bookmaker here on Read our latest update to know the result.

💨 Is online sportsbook the fastest payout?

The easiest and easiest way to find the answer to this question is to check out the Best Online Bookmaker Awards. Here, the best online sportsbooks were reviewed, rated and voted on by punters themselves in several categories. Included in these categories is the best online sportsbook for fast payouts.

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