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Greyhound racing has been labeled as one of the favorite British races since 1926. The first Greyhound race began in Belle View, Manchester and since then, it has become a spectacular pastime for the people of the world. Over time, people began to wager on their favorite wounds, and it became a great gambling market. Today, most online bookies offer various greyhound races around the world with free greyhound tips. Each day in today's week is targeted with specific greyhound tips so that you can easily calculate in the upcoming race. In addition, with the latest Greyhound tips updated continuously, you can also know the races and tournaments available at stake.

A Brief Guide to Greyhound Betting

The concept of greyhound betting evolved from the pastime of hunting, where hunting was used, as hunting's popularity declined. Horse was then used for racing purposes similar to horse racing, and the market for greyhound betting developed. Now, greyhounds are popular tournaments for racing, including the English Greyhound Derby, Irish Greyhound Derby, Scottish Derby and more, which are taking place around the world. In addition, there are virtual greyhound races organized by top online operators, specifically for betting purposes. With our latest greyhound tips for betting, you can easily understand and enjoy betting on greyhound races.

Most greyhound races are more rational than other breeds. Here, you will not have as much insight about the race as you can find with other races. Gamblers typically place huge bets in greyhound racing following a horse racing pattern. In Greyhound races, most players compete in the flat field and receive large gains. At Gambling Guy, we provide you with daily greyhound tips posted as greyhound tips tonight and greyhound tips tomorrow so you can combine them with all the low end and high end races on Sky Sports.

Key factors of importance when placing greyhound bets

  1. Easy bets: Regardless of your proficiency in gambling level, greyhound racing is known to provide easy bets. All you have to do is get enough information about which bets you should focus on.
  2. General Results: All three Greyhound races in the US, Australia and Britain are different from each other, but the races in the format are similar to each other. Therefore, the betting strategy is also not very different from each other.
  3. Fast won't always win: In greyhound races, the fastest hound will not always win. Several other factors also figure in the cause to favor specific hounds.
  4. Rival Interruption: American greyhound racing is known to be hindered by people because, in each race, we only have two greyhound races competing. Consequently, the rivalry is much larger for each hound, who are supporting the opposite hound.
  5. Figure out of grade: The UK greyhound race is known for nine different classes and nine different grades, starting from the lowest level (a9) to the dominant tier (a1). If you want to earn more, be sure about the grade hound you want to wager.

Why trust our betting tips?

At Gambling Guy, we offer free greyhound tips for almost all greyhound races worldwide. With greyhound tips and greyhound tips tonight, you can easily place bets on the next fixture. Each potential race is with the best strategies for us. These strategies and constraints are not just tips that are based out of early comments. They are posted only after detailed research done on every race, every hound, every fixture as we participate in gambling first hand. We analyze the data for each race before the conclusion of the predictions.

We all know that greyhound racing may not attract the attention of people due to the lack of horse riding players, but the adrenaline it gives is similar to horse racing. Therefore, we at Gambling Guy, provide the latest greyhound tips for dedicated fans who know the taste of greyhound racing. In cases where you are not surrounded by the opportunity to wander, you can opt for the latest topics to get some live action.

Key to our success: the tools we use to analyze the daily betting market

Our free greyhound betting tips not only include the fundamentals, but also in-depth strategies that are written with our expert knowledge. At Gambling Guy, we use devices that are developed in-house that give you the best greyhound tips. As one of the largest greyhound tipsters, we collect all the necessary information to analyze the data and come up with a suitable solution. Our predictions will give you the best chances of winning in each race.

We study dogs that are participating in the race, their kennels, their trainer, the dog's previous race, track, weather, recent events the dog has participated in, other competitors, dogs in the previous race together Have participated, and more. Best for greyhound Betting tips We combine this research with our experience analyzing greyhound races to come up with.

Things you need to think about before placing a greyhound bet

  1. Best Odds: It is important to know about the best odds before placing a greyhound bet. Based on the number of hounds participating in the race, make sure you calculate the best odds and come up with bets that don't cause you much damage.
  2. Bet type: Each bet type has different winning possibilities and various latest greyhound betting tips apply. By going through all the relevant data required, one can place bets such as - show bets, octa, quinella or trifecta. It is important to play safe with respect to the bet you are betting on.
  3. Point in time: A player has to know the pros and cons of betting for a race before the race or just before the race begins. With the live bets in the picture, it is important to know the time point that minimizes losses while allowing the player to win decent money.

Our top 5 tips to find your favorite bookie for greyhound races

To choose the best bookie to place bets on Greyhound races, consider the following 5 aspects:

  • Variety of the market: The ideal bookmaker should have a wide range of markets available for betting, including excellent betting options for greyhound races and football, Basketball, Tennis in, Rugby, Cricket, NBA, Golf, Horse racing As well, so that you can bet on a game according to your mood without being limited.
  • Types of bets: Regardless of whether you are a new bookmaker or have experience, an ideal bookmaker should place a variety of bets so that you have variety and choice. Having multiple betting options helps you improve your betting.
  • Great Bonus: A functional and user-friendly bookie will give you the best promotions and bonuses at regular intervals. The frightening requirements of withdrawing these bonuses should also be sensible and easily obtained.
  • Ease of Use: The best bookie will not confuse. It will have an easy-to-navigate user interface through which you can browse everything available. Each feature should be just one click away with enough search options.
  • Payment methods: Make sure that your bookie is giving you various payment methods and immediate deposits and withdrawals. Any bookmaker encrypted with SSL functionality will allow you to deposit money using a third-party gateway with security and security.

Our Top5 Tips for Wagering your Greyhound Bonus

  • Smart betters should know the terms and conditions when it comes to the peak of the bonus. The race should be targeted with huge deals so that your wagering does not go wrong.
  • If you do not want to take any risk, choose the option of live bets while luring bonuses for safe returns after the race starts.
  • Risk-averse betters usually make the best bets to avoid penalties for earlier bets. Become one of them only after gathering information.
  • If you consider yourself a professional, then make complex bets to collect more profits with the break. Some of the more complex bets include doubles, trebles, tricks and quadruples.
  • As a player looking for a huge payout, you might consider the Yankees, which has 6 greyhounds and 11 interconnected wagons to pan out.

Useful Greyhound Betting Glossary

  • Box number: The box number is the starting position of greyhound racing that determines the probability of a win before the start of the race.
  • Trainer Statistics: Apart from the Greyhound, the most important person in Greyhound racing is the trainer. His figures are highly relevant to the success of the Hound.
  • Greyhound class: Each greyhound is designated with a specific grade and class. When performance is good, grades are still necessary.
  • Greyhound Breeding: As we all say, reproduction is important. Greyhounds that are better bred are more likely to win when not properly bred than greyhounds.
  • Career Record: A hunter's record will tell you whether he likes to chase opponents or thrust against opponents so you know whether to wager on finishing abilities.
  • Recent form: Dogs are not eternal stars. Every race will fade after winning a few races, which is why you cannot consider the form of the last decade as the present.
  • Distance Record: All dogs have a distance range in which they perform better. As a player, you must know its limits to calculate probabilities.


Greyhound racing is an exciting sport at stake and the bets placed in greyhound racing are easy to understand and place. If you are a boxer looking for a new market to place bets, or if you are fond of greyhound running, you can place bets on greyhounds based on the latest greyhound betting tips we offer and Increase your chances of winning.

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