Debit card online casino india

Most casinos accept too many payment options to cater to a wide range of audiences. However, among the payment options, a debit card is one of the most preferred. Therefore, the scene of online casino India is quite rich with many online casinos, if not all, online casino debit cards come in the list of India. Debitcard online casino India is aware that debit cards have many properties that make it special and worthy for casinos.

There are some pros and cons of using debit cards when depositing in online casinos:

Pro and Con
  • Large deposit accepted
  • Eligible for bonus
  • Extremely safe
  • Easy and authentic verification
  • Verification is required with every transaction
  • Withdrawal may take longer than e-wallet

Debit card payment

You can deposit at Debit Casino online casino India with the following steps:

  • Choose the correct operator that accepts debit cards and the operator registers your name and payment method by creating an account on the site.
  • After creating an account on Debit Casino online casino India, you will be sent a verification link to verify your account. You also have to verify your account to ensure that you are 18+.
  • Now, log in and go to the banking option. In this page, you can find a deposit with a debit card option and then, you click on it.
  • Input debit card details. Your card information will be secured with Secure Debit Online Casino India. Debit card information is required to make deposit and payment transactions easier.
  • Now, enter the amount you want to deposit the payment and confirm. You may receive an OTP on your cell phone which you will have to enter for the transaction.
  • After a few moments, the deposit will appear in your account.

You can withdraw using a debit card by these methods:

  • Log in to the operator who accepts the debit card and goes to the banking page. This will show the deposit and withdrawal area.
  • Select the Withdrawal option and then, the Debit Card option for withdrawal.
  • Verify the details. For withdrawals, some casinos may ask for proof of identity during the first and second withdrawals. So, you may have to provide such evidence.

Debit Card Average Time for Deposit and Payment

Debit cards are highly secure and, therefore, have to go through a number of procedures before a transaction can be verified. During the first phase of using your debit card, you may need to verify your details once or twice, which can increase your deposit and withdrawal period at DebitCard Online Casino India. In general, deposits with your debit card are faster - within 24 hours.

Withdrawal can be a bit slow, especially when you compare it to an e-wallet, and can take about 2–5 days. When you are using your debit card, the deposit should not take more than 2 days. Withdrawals should not exceed 8 days. While the Debitcard online casino may be delayed from the end of India or the end of the payment service provider, it should not be too long. If yes, then you should Customer Support of Online Casino Debit Card India. You may also need to your debit card provider's customer support.

Debit Card Verification Requirements

Usually, your debit card comes to you from your bank. It is only when you request for a debit card that it comes to you. Therefore, it makes the verification of the debit card complete proof as it is linked to your bank account. However, verifying your debit card with your favored debit online casino India can be a bit tricky. The operator can ask you to click a picture and show the details of the debit card. The actual DebitCard online casino India will mention that you must block the last four alphanumeric codes of the debit card before uploading.

For verification, you may have to provide the debit card number on the back of your card and the CVV in the online casino India debit card. This data will be encrypted in the system so that no hackers can get through it. Generally, the verification process is not very long and can take approximately 12 hours to complete. If you are working with casinos, which is an automated verification process, the time may be very short.

Debit card history

In the year 1914, Western Union issued metal payment cards to top customers, which could be used instead of cash. The US Diners Club issued its first card as a charge card for the restaurant in 1950. In 1958, American Express issued the first charge card. The Dinner Club launched it in the UK in 1962 and AmEx was charged against it in 1963. The first credit card Barclaycard was launched by Barclays, based on the AmEx model.

In 1987, the debit card was first issued in the UK by Barclays, Lloyds, RBS and Bank of Scotland. It was developed using Visa Delta. The Switch debit card was later created and was used by Midland, RBS and NatWest. MasterCard launched Maestro in 1992 and it was their brand of debit cards. Visa Electron launched its debit card in 1996.

By 1998, transactions with debit cards exceeded check-based transactions. When online gambling started, the lack of e-wallet led to debit and Credit Card Has been used extensively. Even now, most debit and credit cards are eligible for bonuses provided by operators. It was in 2002 that the famous chip and PIN were introduced into debit cards, making transactions with these cards even more secure.

Debit card compared to other providers

The debit card comes with a host of different features, which sets it apart from the rest of the operators. Debit cards have long been used in casinos and, therefore, have a rich legacy in the gambling industry. Most casino Debitcard online casinos are from India and prefer debit cards and will give you bonuses only if you deposit using a debit or credit card.

The security features of a debit card are at the top, allowing you to go through multiple layers of security such as passwords, OTPs and CVVs to ensure that no fraudulent transactions occur. Also, since your bank monitors your debit card transactions, any fraudulent transactions will be reported.

As your debit card depends on your personal savings, you can spend only what you have and thus, stop your gambling addiction. However, you may have to enter your card number repeatedly with every deposit and withdrawal on Debit Card Online Casino India which is a hassle. Withdrawal duration is also slightly longer than e-wallet and may take around 2-5 days.

Most popular payment methods

When you are choosing a payment service provider to deposit and pay at an online casino India, it is important to pay attention to the security features that the payment service provider itself provides. Debit cards have a host of security measures and one of them is CVV. It is printed on the back of your debit card and it is always asked when you make an online transaction. In addition, the debit card is linked to your billing address, which makes verification of such cards easier.

As debit cards are issued by your bank, they closely scrutinize your account to check if a fraudulent transaction is taking place. In some banks, they may have to give you an extra layer of password before making a transaction. In India, debit cards have been made even more secure with the use of OTP which is sent to the user's email and cell-phone to ensure the security of the transaction. Overall, debit cards prove that they are not only reliable, but highly secure means of transaction at debit cards online casino India.

Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose a debit card as your payment service provider, you may have some questions. These are the frequently asked questions about debit cards:

Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

Answer: Most operators and debitcard online casinos in India do not have the same deposit and withdrawal method, although it is recommended to keep them the same. This will speed up the deposit and withdrawal processes and moreover, you do not need to go through different verification procedures for each method. Generally, if you do not have the same deposit and withdrawal method, the operator can opt for bank transfer which can only delay the entire withdrawal process.

Why does an operator block my account?

Answer: An operator or debitcard online casino India can block your account for some reasons. If you misuse your bonus by using a VPN to get more bonuses, your account may be terminated. Your account can also be terminated if you are under 18 and ineligible for gambling, but have fraudulently created an account by reducing your age. Occasionally, operators may even terminate an account if they find a puncture using matured betting strategies.

Can I get a Debit Card Bonus?

Answer: Debit Card Bonus will depend on Debit Card Provider as well as Online Casino India. Generally, most gambling operators will only accept debit card and credit card deposits to give you a welcome bonus. However, there may be specific debit card bonuses offered by operators but they can be mostly seasonal.

Should I give my debit card information to the gambling operator?

Answer: It is important that you share the details of the debit card with Online Casino India - ie your name, card number, CVV, expiry date and any other information. This will help in the verification process of your payment method and thus, make it easier for you to pay in the future.

How can I know that my financial information will not be leaked when I share it with my operator?

Answer: If you are connecting with a famous online casino debit card India, they will encrypt your financial details in such a way that no one can get it. Your financial information will be secured with the latest SSL encryption techniques so that no third-party can decrypt it and misuse your financial information.

How do I choose the right payment service provider?

In the Internet age, many e-wallets and alternative methods of payment pop up. You may find it a bit difficult to understand which payment service provider you can go with when you are browsing through the list of payment service providers. There are some things that you can keep in mind when going through payment service providers:

  • Security: The first thing you should look for in a payment service provider is the security facility. Each payment service provider has its own unique method of security and hence, by checking the security feature, you can understand whether the payment service provider is right for you.
  • Acceptance: When you are looking at a payment service provider, you have to see whether the said payment service provider can be accepted or not in gambling circles. Many payment service providers have limitations in gambling areas. Such payment service providers should be avoided.
  • Verification: The payment method verification process needs to be simple and quite efficient. The verification should confirm all necessary details without affecting the confidentiality of the customer.
  • Bonus Eligibility: While many payment service providers may be accepted by the gambling operator, there may be limitations on the said payment service provider. Most of the time, welcome bonuses are not provided against certain payment methods. Fortunately, debit card online casinos in India are preferred when it comes to bonus eligibility.
  • Customer service: The payment service provider must have supportive customer service. This customer service should be able to answer all your questions properly and be responsive.

One of the best ways to choose the best payment service provider of your choice is to go through a payment service provider comparison as we provide at Gambling Cow. Such a comparison will help you get the best paid operation that suits your financial tastes.

How to choose the right operator?

While choosing the right payment service provider is important, it is also necessary to choose the right gambling operator or debitcard online casino India. Since most of these operators will operate with real money, it is necessary to ascertain that they are not fraudulent. On top of the fraudulent factor, operators must also have the right technologies within their systems to secure your financial information. Some metrics you need to check to see how secure an operator or debitcard in online casino India is with your financial information:

  • License: A legal debitcard online casino India must have licensed from the top regulatory bodies that regulate gambling operations internationally. Some of the top regulatory bodies are the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and more.
  • Security: Debatecard online casino must have an internal security facility inside India. They must have the latest encryption technologies such as 128-bit SSL encryption to protect the punters' financial information. They should also have anti-fraud tools to ensure that there is no fake activity as well as leakage of information.
  • Software Providers: While software providers only provide games, many top software providers also consider how transactions are happening while puncture plays the game. So, in this way, a software provider can ensure that there is security during any kind of payment transaction.
  • Verification: Another way in which DebitCard online casino India can ensure that transactions are protected is by giving proper verification process in place. If your payment process is properly verified by any operator, it will be easy to sync your payment service provider with the system of your chosen gambling operator.
  • Wide Acceptance: If an operator accepts multiple payment methods such as Echocard, Acopez, Pennier, Passafecard, Entropay and Citadel etc. and uses the verification process relevant to each of them, then it can be proved that information and deposits Will be kept Safely by the operator. Also, many payment service providers do not have links with scam gambling operators and therefore, you can trust such operator.

Therefore, if you are going to a gambling operator, it is best to check some of these factors before making your choice. It is important to go through a comparison site like Gambling Guy to help you understand that online casino debit card India will be safe for you.


Debit cards are one of the safest means of engaging in transactions. Therefore, the debitcard online casino India scene is vibrant with a debit card online option. Debit card transactions are monitored by banks and hence, it is one of the safest ways to complete transactions at DebitCard Online Casino India.

In addition, debit cards are generally eligible for casino welcome bonuses unlike e-wallets. This is one of the widely accepted payment methods, so you will not recover when you are using a debit card. For these reasons, the online casino debit card India's market is growing as many punters choose debit cards for online casino transactions.

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